Nexus Science Advances Conference

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2021-09-27 00:00 - 2021-09-29 00:00

Increasing demand for water, energy, and food, due to population growth and urbanization, is aggravated by unprecedented extreme weather and climatic conditions. This situation is likely to undermine the sustainable and peaceful development of the Mediterranean region. As these sectors are strongly interlinked, sustainable development and social stability in the region cannot be achieved simply by considering the management of Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystems (WEFE) as separate resources.


Partnerships between policymakers, practitioners and scientists are essential to identify best practices and solutions across this nexus, to be shared and used across borders in the Mediterranean region.


The Conference will analyze the role of science as a driver of innovation for the sustainable development of the Mediterranean region and its interfacing with the policy and decision-making processes. It will recommend practical measures on how to integrate new paths in research and planning across the WEFE Nexus, through a collaborative response throughout the Mediterranean region.


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