SUPROMED was presented at the INOVAGRI VIRTUAL MEETING 2021 on 8-10 December 2021

On January 8 2007, the INOVAGRI Institute was founded in a meeting at the headquarters of the Association of Agricultural Engineers of the State of Ceará. Ten professionals decided to create this association of specialists in the rational use of water in agriculture. Since then, throughout these thirteen years INOVAGRI has been carrying out many activities that have been contributing to bring to irrigated fields all over Brazil, a new perspective for research, technological development and innovation in irrigated agriculture.

INOVAGRI contributes in a systematic and active way to the development of irrigated agriculture and the rational use of water through the execution of basic or applied research, technological development and innovation, as a way of fighting water scarcity, negative environmental impact and social inequality and poverty in the fields of Brazil.

INOVAGRI operates mainly with the production, diffusion and application of technical and scientific knowledge in the area of ​​Brazilian irrigated agriculture. We provide educational and technological services, we sign terms of cooperation, agreements and contracts with public and private institutions, autonomously and independently.

SUPROMED at the Annual Meeting of Mediterranean Geosciences Union (MedGU-21), Turkey 25,28 November 2021

Mediterranean Geosciences Union (MedGU) aims to create a unique federation that brings together and represents the Mediterranean geoscience community specializing in the areas of Earth, planetary and space sciences.

MedGU is  structured along the lines of AGU (American Geophysical Union) and EGU (European Geosciences Union). This first 2021 Annual Meeting had an  "hybrid" format, with both in-person and virtual participation. The official journal of MedGU is Mediterranean Geoscience Reviews (Springer).

 SUPROMED's partner INRGREF participated at the Annual Meeting (MedGU-21) of Mediterranean Geosciences Union,  and  presented SUPROMED results through two papers : 


 - Paper 1: Evaluation of WaPOR evapotranspiration product for irrigated orchard in arid region . Alaya Itidel , Zitouna Rim , Mekki Insaf , Zairi Abdelaziz , El Amami Hacib

-  Paper 2: Smart irrigation management: An innovative approach in water-limited areas-Tunisian case study. El Amami Hacib , Zitouna Rim , Zairi Abdelaziz , Mekki Insaf , Alaya Itidel , Chabane Amal;


SUPROMED presented at the workshop on "Rapid detection of phytopathogens and Research in irrigation optimization"

UCLM on behalf of SUPROMED project participated at the online conference on :  "Rapid detection of phytopathogens and Research in irrigation optimization"

- Link web promoting the videoconference: Detección rápida de fitopatógenos e Investigación en optimización del riego en la UCL | bibliotecahorticultura

- Link conference:

- Link web research team description: Agricultura sostenible: optimizar el agua de riego-Tecnología Hortícola (



SUPROMED was presented at the  XVI Spanish Congress of Horticultural Science held in Cordoba in Spain 17-22 October 2021. SUPROMED's partner "ITAP" presented a very nice talk about the results obtained in garlic in the framework of SUPROMED project.

See the abstract attached. 

SUPROMED participated at the WEFE Nexus Science Advances Conference, on 29 September 2021

Today, SUPROMED participated at the WEFE Nexus Science Advances Conference.  See the poster presented here.

The Conference analyses the role of science as a driver of innovation for the sustainable development of the Mediterranean region,  and its interfacing with the policy and decision-making processes. It will recommend practical measures on how to integrate new paths in research and planning across the WEFE Nexus, through a collaborative response throughout the Mediterranean region.

PRIMA: Future Scenarios for EuroMed Agrifood

The PRIMA Foundation and the Italian Secretariat of PRIMA have promoted an online debate on Future Scenarios for the EuroMED Agrifood, in collaboration with Union for the Mediterranean.The panel discussed main trends and issues in agri-food, with the intervention of Strategic Programme Leader on Food Systems Jamie Morrison. 

A synthesis has been prepared based on the results of the EuroMed Survey that has been launched in the frame of PRIMA (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area) in the last months. The self-administered survey was meant to understand the situation of the EuroMed agrifood system in light of the COVID pandemic, the emerging trends, the new challenges as well as the transformations to be positively induced. The following pages include an initial summary of the main findings, based on more than 180 answers received, and some preliminary remarks, which take into account the notes, comments and analyses sent by the experts. In Annex, each surveyquestion is presented and briefly commented. The current working document will be further developed and enriched with a summary of the online debate co-organized by PRIMA and the Union for the Mediterranean on July 15, as well as additional notes and contributions from PRIMA-partnering institutions.

Link to read the document : Future Scenarios for EuroMed Agrifood

Disclaimer SuproMed

SUPROMED is part of the PRIMA programme supported by the European Union.