Thematic training in the Bekaa region in Lebanon on “Decision Support System for Irrigation Advisory” 12 June 2021

The EU-PRIMA funded project SUPROMED (Sustainable Agricultural Production in Water Limited Environment), and the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences  of the Lebanese University, organized a thematic training on Saturday 12 June 2021 on 'Decision Support System for Irrigation Advisory' at Domain Tanayel in close collaboration with Arc-en-Ciel. Welcome statements by Prof. Nadine Nassif, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture of the Lebanese University, and Prof. Abdel Halim Mouneimne, Head of Environment Department, emphasized the importance of the topic and the collaboration with EU. Thorough description of the decision support system was provided by Prof. Fadi Karam, Project Manager, and Eng. Carole Hachem. The theoretical session was followed by a practical field demonstration of Sentek Probe being tested for first time in Lebabon. Our deep thanks go to the European Commission for the continuing support, PRIMA Foundation & SUPROMED Project, Arc-en-Ciel and all our partners and stakeholders.

SUPROMED's demo site in village of Ammiq Lebanon, during the snowfall ❄️☃️ of 17-18 February 2021

(Courtesy Skaff Estate Ammiq, Eng. Abdallah Hanna, Credit Habib Darwish, February 2021).


Installation of SUPROMED equipement in the Tunisian demosite, Sidi bouzid 22 January 2021

On 22 January 2021 an event was organised by the NGC team for the implementation of the equipment to measure soil moisture (Drill & Drop) and pressure transducer in Sidi Bouzid demo-sites (SUPROMED plot, Leader plot and Average plot). This task was carried out with the technical assistance of the company GLOBETECH (representative of Pessl Instruments in Tunisia).


On November 17, an experimental field for oat  was realized by INGC team in Souk Al-Jadid, Sidi Bouzid (Tunisia) and a process of soil preparation was carried out in the west of Sidi Bouzid in order to concentrate an experimental field to grow durum wheat.
Soil samples were also taken at different depths to determine the humidity in order to tighten the irrigation process.



A field visit to the demosite in the Bekaa Valley has been achieved on Saturday 7 November last by the ULFA team. Meetings were held with the Leader Farmers to prepare for the next phase of the project regarding the installation of sensors and weather station, the beginning of the growing season, the choice of plantation (wheat, onion, potato, silage corn), as well as management practices in the pilot peach orchard and vineyards. In addition, the scope of the visit also was the preparation for the training program which should be starting next month at Taanayel Domain in the demosite. The team visited the pilot plots and discussed with the farmers the modality of implementation of next year activities on site.






A meeting was held in Sidi Bouzid (Tunisia) on 02 July 2020, at the URAP (Regional Union of Agriculture and Fisheries).

It was a regional meeting, between SUPROMED project team based in Tunisia and regional actors (Farmers' Union, CRDA agents and Farmers). The main objective of the meeting was to evaluate SUPROMED plots and discuss the results of the crop year 2019-2020 for wheat and oats. During the meeting, participants have also prepared  the program for the next crop year 2020-2021.





SUPROMED technical visit in Tunisia, 25-27 February 2020

SUPROMED technical visit in Tunisia was held on 25-27 February 2020. The project coordinator (UCLM) was present with the Tunisian partners (INGC and INRGREF) during the 3 days meeting in Tunisia. During the first day a training session was organized for 20 people (Students, Researchers from INRGREF and Engineers from INGC) at “Cité des Sciences of Tunis” on irrigation software (MOPECO, PRESUS, DOPIR and IREY), moderated by Mr. Alfonso Dominguez, Mr. José María from UCLM and Mr. Radhouan Nciri from INGC. On the second day the Tunisian partners and the project coordinator visited SUPROMED plots in Sidi Bouzid (pistachio orchard, oat plots, onion plot and olive orchard). During the third day, the partners visited SUPROMED plot of durum wheat and meet with stakeholders in Sidi Bouzid (CRDA: Regional Commissariat for Agricultural Development and URAP: Regional Union of Agriculture and Fisheries).



SUPROMED meeting in Lebanon, 17 December 2019, 05 February 2020

 ULFA and difaf held a meeting on the 17 of December as well as on the 05th of February with Lebanese Leader farmers in "Domaine de Taanyel" to present the SUPROMED project. During meetings, presentations of the work plan and activities to be performed during the coming years, as well as questions and concerns of the farmers were elaborated.


Disclaimer SuproMed

SUPROMED is part of the PRIMA programme supported by the European Union.